Making Bird Photography Accessible to People With Disabilities

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Making Bird Photography Accessible to People With Disabilities

I have an interest in making things accessible to people with disabilities, I have some disabilities myself and know many others who have a range of disabilities.

A few points I have found helpful to me:

a) a tripod, this has been the single most useful item aside from my camera in helping me get good photos. While I would recommend a better tripod than the one I have this one makes a huge difference. I am aware that wheelchair mounted monopods are avilable too.

b) remote switch for my camera, I am fumble fingered and tend to bump the camera while trying to press the button.

c) camera while I can't afford in the foreseeable future a DSLR I have found my Canon SX60HS not overly heavy to cart around and very helpful while I am learning to use the manual features of a camera and the photos it produces are satisfactory to me.

d) garden, I have my own physical limitations and family responsibilities so long trundles through the scrub, as attractive as they are to my mind and heart, are not something I can do, my alternative is to create habitat that will attract birds. (35 species in 20 days photographed on five acres) There are also locations within an hour's drive where walking long distances is not required to find birds and there are several accessible places in the Blue Mountains as well.

What tips, information, hints do you have that would help make bird photography accessible to people with a range of disabilties?

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