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Mastermind Crow on Facebook

Not sure if this will work, you might need to have a Facebook Account, but very interesting veiwing.

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Brilliant even though I have seen it before! Did you notice the colour of the birds eyes were brown?

Samford Valley Qld.

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So thats how they get into the kids lunch boxes! lol

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Hi Reflex, did notice the eye colour, presume a European variety. Very smart birds.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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That was amazing. I knew they were smart, but performing that sequence of steps is pretty incredible and shows some great problem solving.



Amazing.  Crows will be along side the coachroaches in the end.  Their must be species smarter than others, or more adaptable, willing to change perhaps.  You don't see currawongs or magpies flipping cain toads and eating the guts out of them, only crows.  

I find things like the clip above really quite wonderous, and scary at the same time.  Just how amazing our natural world is, and how little us humans know about it.  What ran through my mind was oh dear....we need more time and people like him, and even more to listen. The bird is fine it knows what its doing, just getting lunch. And still not trashing the world its been asked to live in. 

Ipswich Shire Eastern flanks

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