Mistletoe Bird

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Mistletoe Bird

In the Dee Why Parking Place (NSW) there are "Plane Trees" which are in habited by several pairs of Mistletoe Birds. Appear to be isolated to the spot.

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Thanks for posting this most interesting observation, nickswingler. 

Mistletoe Birds are nomadic, seeking mistletoe berries wherever the berries might be so it may be a misnomer to say that the Mistletoe Birds were inhabiting the "Plane Trees". As well & although I know little about Plane Trees, I doubt that there's anything in them that would be attractive to Mistletoe Birds so it's more than likely the case that the birds were passing through. 

Having said that I get the impression, nickswingler, that you've observed these Mistletoe Birds in the same trees on a number of occasions over a period of time. Have you observed them eating anything in particular in the Plane Trees? Can you describe their behaviour which might give a clue as to what is attracting them to the trees?

Also, a description of the birds might help in confirming that the birds are, in fact, Mistletoe Birds & not some other species which might be attracted to the Plane Trees. 

Further, I'm wondering why you put Plane Trees in parentheses. Is this because you were told by someone that they were Plane Trees or, perhaps, that you weren't confident that the trees were Plane Trees? Perhaps a photo of the trees, if possible, might clarify this. 

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Plane treesproduce a lot of fluff, from the leaves and the seeds. The mistletoebirds are probably collecting the fluff for their nests.

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Ah, hah! Good one, Greg. 

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