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Must see video

Someone posted this on another site i am on.

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Wow Shorty, I'm speechless. (doesn't happen very oftenwink) What beauty, the wonders of the bird world. Thanksyes


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Worth conserving!

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Wow! I had heard that the project was very successful but nothing like seeing the pictures.

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Wow, to see in person would be great


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I think i have looked at it 50+ times. When i was at the cape i was so close to PNG, so close but yet so farfrown

Woko 100% agree, if the world economy's banded together it would be small change to preserve it.

Shorty......Canon gear


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I have only just seen this - thanks so much for sharing it, such beautiful birds with unique behaviour - they remind me of lyrebirds and peacocks in some ways! Definitely worth watching .... a couple of times at least!

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Just... magnificent... stupendous... dumbfoundingly spectacular. Love their dances. cool

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thanks for the heads up . its on my bucket lists , its not cheap to get there and stay. so far i have my field guide birds of New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago by B Coates.    but you could spend all that money and see nothing but trees in a forest.

any way I very much enjoy the clip all i can say is WOW.

See it!  Hear it!

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