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My Pictures

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and thought I would post some pics and introduce myself, I'm Kieran and live in central QLD area and am 14, my favorite type of animals are squamatas (reptiles) but since my teacher studies ornithology I have started an interest in birds :).

Threskiornis molucca by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Falco berigora-Manorina melanocephala by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Gallirallus philippensis by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Grus rubicundas by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Milvus migrans by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Circus assimilis by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Circus assimilis by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Aquila audax by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

White winged eolophus roseicapilla by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Podargus strigoides by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Ocyphaps lophotes by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Male Black Cockatoo by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Strophurus krisalys by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Varanus panoptes by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Hope you've all enjoyed :)

Regards Kieran

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Wow Kieran !!!!!! I did enjoy all your fantastic photos, the ones you posted, and the other photos on Flickr.

Welcome, I hope to see more from you. I would also like to hear some of the stories behind the photos, no doubt there are many?


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Hi Kieran and welcome to this forum ... and WOW what a lovely selection of pics to introduce yourself with.

Can I suggest that you add the common name for us too ? as many on here do not know the scientific names and are just beginning in their birding interest.

You are obviously fortunate enough to have a good camera to work with and I love your gecko and goanna shots even if they aren't birds!!!

Whereabouts in Central Qld are you?  Lucky you to have a teacher to encourage you too. There are a few different forums on here so if you ever want to post a pic of something that you feel is worthwhile bu tmay not be related to birds you can always do it under the social or similar threads.  Most of us a nature lovers generally

keep up the good work



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Thanks for the comments and greetings, in future I'll incude the common name next to the pics but if anyone wants to know these ones just click on the pics and in the flickr, I include the name there :). Also I use the 400d with the 18-55mm or 75-300mm if anyone wants to know. I live a few kms out of Longreach.

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Welcome Kieren. Great selection of birds there and you have a great area to go birding in.

Cheers, Owen.

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What a great age to start enjoying nature it will stay with you forever. No matter where you go, enjoy what's around you ,best things in life are free.

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW

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Way to go, Kieran. Keep up that sort of wildlife photography & you'll be more than welcome here!

While it would be good to have the common names for birds & reptiles I'm very happy for you to continue providing the scientific names. That way you can educate me. At least I knew Aquila audax.

By the way, do you have fellow students who are into wildlife photography?

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Welcome Kieran, you are off to a flyer with photos of this quality and variance of species. Looking forward to seeing the birdlife out Longreach way.




Hi Kieran, welcome to the forum. Great selection of shots. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Hi Kieran, and welcome.  I enjoyed these pics, and look forward to seeing more birds from your area that we don't get to see near the coast.

Brisbane southside.

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Welcome Kieran and great pics that you have shared with us. 

You certainly live in the right part of Aust/Qld to get many raptor pics.


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Thanks again guys for the nice comments and welcomes,

Woko: I don't know other people my age localy but I do know some from the internet that do some wildlife photograghy.

1: Australian magpie or gymnorhina tibicen

2: Kestrel/Falco Cenchroides-These falcons are quite common and I generally see them on powerlines during the day.

3: Zebra Finch or taeniopygia guttata

4: Straw necked Ibis or threskiornis spinicollis

5: Little Corella or cacatua sanguinea

6: Injured barn owl, unfortunatly this one didn't make it probably because of internal damage.

7+8: Some more cockatoo pics

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MOre great shots Kieran, love to see them all especially the Red tails.. too bad about the barn Owl. You are lucky out there getting heaps of BOP to photograph.  We have a few younger members on here so it is great to have you on board .... spread the word to any young people you may know . Do you go to a high school or are you on Distance education etc?

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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'Do you go to a high school or are you on Distance education etc?'

Yeah I do the distance education at Longreach.

Sulphur creasted cockatoo

Cacatua galerita by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Laughing Kookaburra

Dacelo novaeguineae by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr


Struthidea cinerea by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr

Pied Currawong/strepera graculina and a Brown quail/Coturnix ypsilophora

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A great collection - keep them coming.



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Some more black kites, these are extremely common here and on a good day(lots of food for them) there can be flocks numbered in the hundreds in the sky.

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Heres a few I took this afternoon.

1: Another black kite, saw a 'small' flock of about 50 today, one flew right above me (about the hight of the house so not that high) but unfortunatly the pics were low quality/unfocused.

2: Pied Butcherbird/cracticus nigrogularis, this particular one seems to have a home around here and I see it and another young one regularly.

3: Australian magpie/ cracticus tibicen

4: Crested pigeon/ ocyphaps lophotes

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I'd be interested in seeing the sort of habitat you have around your place, Kieran. Any chance of photos?

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Most of it is grass, gum trees etc, theres some dams (picture one) and creeks.

Some more little corella's, usually every winter a flock of probably a few hundred come in and we are now seeing them every evning.

Black-faced cuckoo shrike or coracina novaehollandiae.


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Thanks so much for that shot of the habitat, Kieran, as well as the birds. I'd love to be out in it looking at birds!

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1: Black kite has caught a fish and is now about to eat it on the power line but the australian raven(corvus coronoides) is also interested.

2: Raven has made the kite drop the fish and is now going to get it for itself.

3: Raven eating the fish

4: Australian Raven/Corvus Coronoides.

5:Australian raven with extended hackles

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What a great selection of shots kieran, and thanks for including habitat and behaviour info and pics, it makes it really intereting. Just so you know, feel free to start a new topic with new subjects anytime you want. That will save  looking through the same shots again if anyone doesnt want to in the gallery pop out viewer.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Again, I have to praise your camera skills.  You are so lucky to have so much bird life around you.  And yes, the thread is getting a little long, but I enjoy looking at the pics again.

Brisbane southside.

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