My favourite Honeyeater

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My favourite Honeyeater

The Spinebills have arrived at home. Yay.

These are an alltime favourite honeyeater of mine.

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Lovely shots Doug, I have only seen these guys are a couple of times down in the deep south of WA

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Thanks Laza.

The main difference between the Eastern and Western Spinebills is the Western has a pale belly and a rufous collar and they are restricted to the SW corner of WA.

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I am also waiting to get a good shot of a spine bill in Albury.

Nice shots Dog.


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They are one of my favourites as well.  Thanks.


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Just saw these guys for the first time this year over the weekend. Such zippy little birds.

Annie W
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Couldn't agree more, love these little birds!  Great shots Doug, especially love the third one with the light dusting of lunch on his head and beak.

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