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Nature lover, new to forums

Hi there.I am new to this forum thing but I am going to give it a go as I feel like I might be missing out on some wonderful sharing between nature lovers.

I am hoping to learn more about anything.

My forum picture thingy was taken last summer. It is a New Holland Honey eater which, along with other types of honey eaters, visited my succulents flowers a few times a day to drink the yummy nectar. I'd love a better camera as I am addicted to taking photos of anything living(or dead).

It's a weird thing that happens, where all you are focused on is that subject you are capturing and one photo is never enough. I guess it is a reasonably healthy addiction.

Looking forward to a chat.

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Hi jjj, welcome. Yes weird things happen sometimes to all of us. You can learn a thing or two, even if you are new to this forum thing.

So, show us your thingy. Why are the flower thingies in your photo blue? And the New Holland Honeyeater hanging onto the thingy is blue? You must have used a thing to manipulate the thingy. (I mean the photo)? 

Anyway, show us some of your photos.


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Hi jjj. Welcome it's a great site were we can learn off each other. Is that flower a mother of millions

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW

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Welcome from me, too, jjj. There's certainly heaps to learn here. Never be frightened to ask a question, make a comment or post a photo. Or if you are frightened leap over your fear with a single bound & ask, comment & post anyway. You're off to a great start!

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Yes I did manipulate the color on the photo as the lighting was not great. I didn't think it looked that blue though.

Heres another (unmanipulated) photo of the same bird on the same flower.

Thankyou universe, for the beauty and magic of nature.

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Thanks for your reply, Nightowl. The flower is on a Cotyledon Orbiculata 'Silver Waves'.

It is in a pot outside my home office window which is about 2 to 3 meters from where I sit at my computer.

This little fellow , and other types of honeyeaters, visited the flowers a few times a day. What a treat for me.

Such an easy plant to grow and so rewarding. 

Thankyou universe, for the beauty and magic of nature.

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Thanks Woko.

Sorry about the photo quality. Must work on that too.

Thankyou universe, for the beauty and magic of nature.

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