New Holland Honeyeater

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New Holland Honeyeater

I caught this guy making the most of a neighbours grevillea.

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Love the vibrance of the colours

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Great shots of a beautiful HE. Don't get them around here. Thanks for sharing.


Very nice shots .... 

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Great shots! They are a beautiful bird but from what I've been told can be quite aggresive towards other birds. We do get them up in Bris but no where near the numbers that you get down south.

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They do tend to dominate, Devster. It's interesting to watch New Holland Honeyeaters & Red Wattlebird interacting when there are flowers & water to compete for. I get the impression that a New Holland Honeyeater will goad a Red Wattlebird into chasing it for an hour or more. I suspect the idea is to tire the Red Wattlebird so that the New Holland Honeyeater & its mates can have uninterrupted use of the resources. Cunning.

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That's exactly what I observed last summer when I first encountered NHEs.  A gaggle of about ten running the wattlebirds ragged.  And I've seen White-plumed honeyeaters doing the same thing.

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