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New from the SW of WA


im blessed to live in an area rich with a marvellous and diverse bird population.  I work in a vineyard and get to see some interesting water fowl, owls during harvest and last week a frogmouth. Which was kind of weird as she pretended to be camouflaged but was sitting on the gravel in front of my Ute! Looked like a bird drag queen if a bird ever wanted to dress up.

Always liked birds visiting my garden. When we built our current house, I used mainly natives to attract birds. The honey eaters love it!

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Hi Maralyn & welcome.

Yes, it’s great to enjoy a wide diversity of birds wherever we are. I don’t know if you’ve thought about the idea of planting not just Australian natives but those plant species which are or were the original species. By restoring original ecologies (as much as we can) we’ll be able to attract the birds & other animals which have evolved as part of those ecologies. But perhaps you’re already doing this. 

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Welcome Maralyn, you certainly live and work in a wonderful part of Australia. Good to hear that your garden is a haven. Look forward to hearing more form you


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