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Newbie from Canberra

G’day everyone. I’ve just joined and have been enjoying all the great photos. I live in the Canberra ‘burbs and work at the Murray-Darling Basin Authority which means I occasionally get out in the field with work. I have a science doctorate, specialising in freshwater ecology.

I’ve been fascinated by wildlife for as long as I can remember, which is quite a while J  Recently I have rediscovered my love for photography and am learning to use my Canon DSLR, taking lots of bird pics – in my yard, around town, down at the coast – anywhere. I’m posting a pic of one of my favourite birds with this – the red-rumped parrot. I find the range of colours and markings on these birds exquisite – we are so lucky to have such birds around

Rick N
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Welcome Vic and what a lovely shot to introduce yourself with!

Look forward to seeing many more.


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Welcome from me, too, Vic. I'll be interested to read your contributions. 

Annie W
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A very warm welcome Vic, we are indeed a lucky bunch with our Birds and Wildlife.

West Coast Tasmania

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Welcome Vic, cant wait to some of your photo's.


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Hi Vic,

Welcome to the site, and yes, the red pumped parrots are beautiful!



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