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Newbie from Tassie

Good morning all, love the site, I am a new member, living at Huonville (about 40klm south of Hobart) Tasmania and have been using this site to identify some species around home. Our place is about 8 acres, mostly pasture, with mixed native garden and 2 dams. We are less than a kilometre from a lightly wooded native eucalypt forest.

Have on our or near place or visit regularly

Wedge Tailed Eagles - a pair hunt regularly around our area, a third, possibly last years young, usually not far away

Southern Boobook (heard it's distictive call, but not yet sighted)

Green Rosella

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (fly over)

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo (fly over usually ahead of bad weather)


Masked Lapwing - 4 breeding pairs, currently with hatchlings

Tasmanian Native Hens - family of about 12, also recent hatchlings

Australian Wood Ducks - visit regulary

Pacific Black Ducks

Weclome Swallows - currently constructing nest

Silvereye - nomadic visitors

European Gould Finches

Superb Fairy Wrens

Falme Robin

Scarlet Robin

Have seen 4 different honey eaters on one day, feeding on our fruit blossom, but have not yet been able to identify correctly. Am trying to get some photos.

The link below is of, I think, a shy Albatross, taken at Adventure Bay Bruny Island, while fishing. This one came around when we started throwing back undersized flathead, it caught 9 before we left. It stayed with us for about 90 minutes.

We also regularly see

Albatross - variety of species

Australasion Gannets

Short Tailed Shearwater (rookery near by)

Little Penguin (rookery near by)

Occasioanally White Bellied Sea Eagles (can't get a good shot yet)

Cormorants of all species

My son and I also volunteer for a local wildlife rescue service, run by a local Wildlife Park, and have helped recover Little Black Cormorant, a Southern Boobook. We rescue and deliver to experienced wildlife carers for treatment, rehab and hopefully later release.

Hope I have not bored anyone, thanks and keep up the good work!


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Not bored at all Dale!

Welcome to the site.

How exciting to have such a range of birds on your property, especially Wedge Tailed Eagles, albatross and penguins.


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Welcome Dale! What a great assortment of birds. I will look forward to your stories and seeing any pics you post. It's great to give something back and even better that your son is involvedsmiley

Tassie is such a beautiful place. I visited back in "04" and am wanting to visit again!

Cheers, Jackie.

South Maroota, NSW.

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Hi Dale ,we love reading story about birds , nature etc..and birdo backyards that is what this site is about . I visit Tasmania 20 years ago. Love Hobart harbour and all of the sandstone building. Welcome and enjoy..

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW

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Welcome, Dale. I agree with all the positive comments about Tasmania - I hope to move there one day near the west coast if possible and your description of your environment and wildlife is lovely so ....... please continue doing it! smiley

"the earth is not only for humans, but for all animals and living things."

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Hi Dale, a big welcome from me too. I'd love to hear lots of stories, see lots of photos, can't wait to look at your posts.


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