Night caller in Brisbane

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sian and jason
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Night caller in Brisbane

I've recently moved to Brisbane and am woken each morning (usually at 4.30am) by a simple call that i need help to identify.

It sounds like... 'do doo' ........'do doo'.............The  second 'doo' is lower in tone.

It sounds very calm.

it's a clean crisp noise, not a furred blurry noise like doves.

It's repeated - usually at regular intervals but not always. 

i don't hear it during the day .

I've tried looking and listening on youtube and birding sites but no luck so far.

thanks for your help in identifying this.

We've named it 'the 4.30 bird'!


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Possibly Southern Boobook, often referred to as the "mo-poke. Google and try to find some calls to listen to.

Edit found this site of Graeme Chapman's (courtesy of a google search)

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