Noisy Minor chick(runt) problem.

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Noisy Minor chick(runt) problem.

I have a pair of noisy minor chicks approx. 4 weeks old in my yard. One chick is more advanced than the other and flies much better and thus gets around much better. They still like to perch together at night and during the day. 1 chick is larger than the other and is asserting its size and jumps in whenever the parents arrive to feed them and gets the bulk of the food thus compunding the problem for the smaller chick.

Any thoughts on what can be done to even up the food available to both chicks or do I simply let nature take its course.

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nature is a wonderful thing and I would sit back and watch adn learn but not interfere


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Love your question, gdkfrigo. It suggests you appreciate natural processes. There's always a good reason for the way young birds behave & are attended to by their parents, usually related to maintenance of their populations, use of resources & the passing on of healthy genes. So I agree with pacman. You have a wonderful opportunity to observe & learn. 

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