Not for the squeamish... crocodile with bird

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Not for the squeamish... crocodile with bird

I had just reached the tower at Fogg Dam in the Northern Territory as a crocodile took a bird... probably a Magpie Goose but a little difficult to say as you will see. They are quite dramatic shots and demonstrate the power of this creature. I found the safety of the tower quite re-assuring. I believe that the bird was killed immediately and these other actions were repeated after the first attack. I was quite amazed at how far it launched its body from the water.

So Dale, as you requested: the crocodile tenderising its supper

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Powerfully dramatic to our human eyes. Well spotted, sue.

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Nature in all its beauty (beauty is in the eye of the beholder). We should endeavour to "leave only footprints" and take only memories.

Nice sequence, thanks Sue.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks guys, it did all of this a few times. It would be all quiet and then the croc launched from the water. I was amazed at how far it came up into the air as it threw the prey around. 

Alex Rogers
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Oh wow! Great photos Sue, well captured - thanks for sharing. 

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