Ocean bird ID sheets?

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Ocean bird ID sheets?

I'll be spending time on an island off the coast of Mallacoota soon and i'm hoping for some sea bird action. Trouble is i can't tell a petrel from a booby. I've made great use of the shore bird id sheet that i was directed to from this forum so i thought i'd try my luck and ask if anyone knows of similar info sheets for seabirds?

I've looked around the net, obviously, but havent found anything more concise than what's in my field guide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

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Hi Pip.

Some of these may be useful.

This one is graphic, photos of Dead Sea Birds, so might not be the one for you!


This is a few years old, but don’t think things change that much, and no dead birds.


And this one if you want a good guide to bill structure to ID


And this one from BirdLife for Tasmanian Sea Birds. I reckon a lot of the Southern Coast of Australia will have the same species?


As a rule of thumb, if you type into Google what your looking for, you should find something of use (that’s how I came across these, and the Shorebird ID card).

Good luck, and look forward to some photos.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thank you, thats fantastic! 

AJ Anderson
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A couple I collected from BLWA.

Shorebird ID sheet

How to be Shore-birds

PFSS slides

**apologies, didn't read whole message.

Will have a look for you anyway.

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Thanks, turns out that my equipment, bins and camera, really weren't up to the task of sea birding from an island. Just too far away. I'm not crazy about boats either so i'm not sure how i'll ever see some of these ocean dwellers, but i live in hope.

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