'Once-in-a-lifetime' bird sighting in Perth backyard

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'Once-in-a-lifetime' bird sighting in Perth backyard

Interesting sighting - not sure if that link is working (i googled "'Once-in-a-lifetime' bird sighting in Perth backyard" to get to it )

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I to had trouble with the link, but it did eventually open for me (without having to look elsewhere), providing I left it alone to load and didn't try to scroll the page. Certainly an interesting sighting.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Interesting sighting. I was surprised to be shown pictures of a black kookaburra by a fellow in Cairns. Never heard of that before but anything possible I suppose depending on what is switched on or off.


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Yes it was good. Saw it on TV too..

I don't believe for one second it's "more prone to predators" and as the parents didn't reject it, that theory was bombed too.

It's not really an Albino... True Albinos are white with pink eyes and that certainly doesn't fit the albino criteria.

However, it's paler shade of black is unique and its a special little fella...

it should have made the national news. I'm sure some in the ES would have like the story.

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That would make it a leucino then. Slater's field guide has a great section on colour mutation which is worth reading. Lucky you.


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I had no trouble seeing it quickly. It is interesting, but I expected it to have less colour or even being almost white though.

It still is fairly grey.


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