For Owen1; Chestnut-breasted Mannikins.

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For Owen1; Chestnut-breasted Mannikins.

Owen1  in an earlier reply to you, you asked me about the C-b M's that I saw and I said  that Oxley Commons and Greenwood Lakes holds a lot of promise to see them, going on my gut feeling. I went out to Oxley Commons today and behold I saw 4 of them. I have 3 photos for you but they may take a while to upload and they were in cover so not as clear as I would have liked but if I moved I would have missed out. It turned out to be a good day including the other photos I got.

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Very nice shots, good work finding them again.

Cheers, Owen.

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I think they found me actually.



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Very nice. Good luck Owen - hope you find them

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