Pelagic Spot Available for Saturday

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Pelagic Spot Available for Saturday

Hi guys there is a spot available on the Mooloolaba Pelagic tomorrow (saturday 4th of March)

They meet at Mooloolaba Marina on Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba, around 6.20am in the hope of leaving at 6.30am. 

It usually takes about 2.5 hours to reach the main destination – the edge of the continental shelf and aimto be back in port by around 3.30pm.

Cost is $120

Coomon birds are: Wedge-Tailed Shearwater, Crested Tern, Tahiti Petrel, Wilsons Storm Petrel, Huttons Shearwater.

List from Last Pelagic

Wedge-tailed Shearwater 250 (40)
Flesh-footed Shearwater 5 (1)
Hutton's Shearwater 6 (2)
Streaked Shearwater 8 (2)
Tahiti Petrel 50 (12)
Pomarine Jaeger 5 (1)
Crested Tern 30 (10)
Common Tern 40 (20)
Little Tern 1 (1)
Sooty Tern 30 (4)
Common Noddy 3 (2)
White-tailed Tropicbird 1 (1)
Brown Booby 1 (1)
Red-footed Booby 1 (1)

Please PM me ASAP if you are interested.



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