Perfect touch down

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Perfect touch down

Coming in for landing - two judges are watching closely 

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Very clever, Whistling Duck. Those astute judges will be wondering whose tern is next.

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Love the last shot, like a present that they do in Gymnastics after a perfect landing

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Guided in perfectly by the two air traffic controllers.

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Wonderful  how you captured the progression of the looks and interest by the 'judges'


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Great set WD, those two by the side really look like judges and as Ryu says that last shot.

The pose after sticking the landing 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Now these really brought a smile to my face. What a great set of images! I recently came to the conclusion that rather than take static images of common species I would try for extraordinary pics of ordinary birds. Your images are just that WD. 


Thanks woko, hellobirdy, elizabeth, brian, alcatraz & laza for the comments. I had same impression of the last shot - just like the gymnasts landing.

Nice punning woko - wish i could think of one in retern!

Thanks alcatraz - the terns are good subjects for that, they usually doing something interesting and/or comical. 

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What a cracker set WD, made me smile and Wokos pun . . . priceless.

Its funny how some birds, even though they could land anywhere, they have to land right in the middle or even on other birds.


Thanks devster ... 

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