Photo challenge - breeding successfully again

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Photo challenge - breeding successfully again

I thought I'd start a photo challenge myself until our regular ones kicked in. The purpose of this one is to photograph babies of a particular species that now have an added advantage to successfully breed again due to something like a top predator moving away from the immediate area. The point is - the particular species had to unsuccessfully breed in the past but now something has changed in their environment and now they are successfully breeding and raising offspring.

Add a short note discussing the environmental change with your photo. 

You can add as many photos with descriptions as you like but give other members a chance to add theirs as well. So, you can add 3 photos with descriptions then wait for others to add their photos before adding more of your own.

I'll start the photo challenge off. Here's mine.

A pair of Torresian Crows has moved out of the immediate area (they moved out 2 years ago roughly) and have bred again due to losing their 2 year old offspring to electricution (poor little birdie). The parents no longer hang around their old nesting tree. With the crows gone and no longer in the same nesting tree as the Magpie Lark and Willy Wagtails,...

the very first sighting of a baby Magpie Lark has been observed here in many years in this area. (Photo cropped from original, taken 3/12/2016, Tenterfield, NSW)

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