Portland Gannet Colony

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Portland Gannet Colony

hello , a few pic of the gannets at Point danger portland vic ,bruce

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Hi Bruce. I've heard about the gannets of Portland & now I've seen photos,thanks to you. The next step, & I must speak to Ms Woko about this, is to see them in the raw & on the rocks.

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hello Woko ,i was lucky the day i got to take these pic ,the caretaker was there and let me into the encloser to take the pic ,you can see them from the viewing platform but there about 100 meter from there .with a 500mm lens you just only get a group pic ,it would be great to have a viewing tunnel like with the penguins at phillip island ,pic below is of Lawrence rock from were the overflow of gannets mover to point danger ,bruce

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I'd be quite happy to see them on the rocks from the rocks, bruceoz. From any angle they make a spectacular sight in a spectacular site.

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Hi Bruce,you were talking about Phillip Island, we go there often, but away from the tourists. You mention a viewing tunnel, is that worth going to? Last time I saw the Penguins was at least 10 years ago, and there was no tunnel. Does it cost an arm and a leg to get in?


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Hi Bruceoz
How about the noise they make!  Unless your there at the game , it's not the same ...   Nice pic.

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW

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Hi Bruceoz,

Wow! You were so fortunate! The closest we could get was next to this beautiful creature! The dogs are very loyal and guard the colony without affecting the birds at all. Such wonderful animals.

The best I could manage were these with a 400mm lens:

Yes, the noise was amazing even from a couple of kms away. Thank goodness we were not directly downwind - I can only imagine what the smell was like with all that guano!

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Heading in there in the morning. Very excited!

Samford Valley Qld.

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