Qantas worker injured by Peregrine Falcon

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Alex Rogers
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Qantas worker injured by Peregrine Falcon

Very unfortunate injury to a Qantas worker - reported here

Good on Qantas for having co-existed with the falcons for 20 years - but I imagine some new safety rules might now come into play. I was swooped by a very persistent noisy miner this weekend - never touched me but clattered bill and squawked in my ear as it repeately dive-bombed me - very unsettling and despite the small size of the bird, some atavistic reponse made all my hair stand up. It must be next-level scary to have a raptor doing the attacks. 

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Thanks for that, interesting reading. Guessing the Falcons were just protecting their nest. The reason QANTAS allowed them to remain for so long, removal of rats, mice and pigeons was I guess until now a win/win for both the Falcons and QANTAS. Let's hope an agreement can be made to allow the tenants to stay.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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