A Quail Tale

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Chris F
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A Quail Tale

We have a very elusive quail family of four living on our property, usually seen from a distance and scurrying for cover.

I finally managed to get a couple of nice photos when walking back from feeding the horses.

So the first two are mine.

The next day, my husband and I were sitting on the bench overlooking our dam, and he was having a go at some photos with my camera. He was just saying that he couldn't see any birds, when out of the grass near our feet came one of the quail family.

And so the second two photos are my husband's - didn't he do a great job?


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These are supprisingly fast

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Beautiful Photos,  you are very lucky to have got a photo (They are always fast).


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Grand photos, Chris. Since I'm not very familiar with quails, you've sent me scurrying to my field guide to learn that this is probably a female brown quail of the australis sub species. Can any quail experts among us confirm or otherwise?

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I'm no quail expert but happy to agree to sub species Australia as the eyes appear to be red rather than yellow; no lead on the sex


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Definitely a brown quail and the australis sub-species do have red-brown eyes the white on the face means its most likely a young bird

Chris F
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Thanks for your comments and identification everyone.


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