Question about Eurasian Collared Dove

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Question about Eurasian Collared Dove

Hello birds experts. I have a question about the eurasian collored dove which moved into my balcony a week ago. They are a pair actually, a female and a male which are very loyal, they are coming everyday for years now, and they both built a nest a week ago and now the female is alone in the nest for days and probably nesting. But the nest they made looks week and probably will collapse when the eggs will come.

So my question is, how to help her to protect her egg(s) from falling and dying. Should i build something around her or? I am afraid i will scare her. I live in Europe btw.

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Hi there Neshko. Could I suggest that those doves know a lot more about building nests than you or I. Their forbearers have been doing it for aeons. While the nest looks flimsy I'm confident it will do its job so probably best to leave well enough alone, I would suggest. However, no doubt the doves appreciate your concern.

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