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Our trip this year took us through NSW, SA, NT and Qld and along the way were some amazing raptors. Now the Big Year is over for 2022, I'll add some of them here for your enjoyment and as comparison shots.

Fist couple are my favourite shots of a Black-shouldered Kite which hovered over the Finke Road near Kulgerra in NT.

There were numerous rapors here including this Australian Hobby which was being bombed by Yellow-throated Miners.

Up the road a little and we stopped at Stuart's Well where a dark morph Brown Falcon flew over checking for prey only to be dive bombed by Yellow-throated Miners!

From Timber Creek, I offer a light morph Brown Falcon for comparison.

Another from Timber Creek was a Little Eagle which flew over while being tormented by Corvids.

For comparison, a Wedge-tailed Eagle from the road to Borroloola near Heartbreak Hotel. Check out that massive beak and the talons.

Up the Tableland Highway near Barkly Homestead, I encountered a pair of dark morph Brown Falcons and I think these must be my favourite shots of these lovely birds. Check out those eyes.

Another from Barkly Homestead was this Brown Goshawk which kept returning to the brush around a small dam perhaps in an attempt to remain unobserved by prey.

Of course, Black Kites were encountered in a number of places but here is one from Cloncurry area.

Just to complete the pair, here is a Whistling Kite from the Cloncurry area as well as one from Dunmarra in NT.

Final couple of birds are not great shots but complete the record of what i saw on the trip.

Eastern Osprey which flew over in the distance at Cairns

Brahminy Kite which flew over when I was not ready with the camera. It should have been a much better shot but the settings were not right.

Hopefully, this was an interesting account of the raptors that you can see. Of course, no photos of some like the Black-breasted Buzzard and a Swamp Harrier as camera not ready or I was driving. So much to see if you just get out there.

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A wonderful array, sue.

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Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Great array of photos Sue. Looks like a fantastic trip

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Thanks, Dev, it certainly was. Great to hear from you. 

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Also thank you, Dale & Woko. Thought the pics might be of interest

Alex Rogers
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Super shots, Sue, and great to see them all together. Particularly love the Black-shouldered Kite and Brown Falcon shots - the Wedgie is very strong too!

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