Red-backed Fairy wrens

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Red-backed Fairy wrens

A few from my last bird outing. Found a family of Red-backed Fairy Wrens very busy, I couldn't see a nest, but they were very active in collecting insects and what looked like bits of grass. An hour of lying in the grass just waiting and watching them, the male came in nice and close to see what I was doing and then followed me back out to the road when I left! 

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Lovely shots of an attractive small bird, Nice one, Elsie!


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Those sorts of exeriences are what make bird watching so special.

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Thanks Timmo! And yes Woko, they really are. My fiance was with me at the time and was astonished at how fast the time went by, just sitting there watching the wrens. 55 minutes went by and it felt like 10 minutes. And to have them so curious too! I know the photos aren't the best out there of the wrens, but for my area it was a special moment. 

AJ Anderson
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* Fairywren or Fairy-Wrens. Not "Wrens"! (A common call on Bird ID facebook groups).

Very nice, great shots! I much prefer shots with environment/activity showing too.

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Real cuties Elsie, beaut shots...


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