Red whiskered bulbul

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Red whiskered bulbul
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Interesting Article. It's amazing that if an introduced species effects the well being of native species of birds not a lot is done. But should it "severely impact Australia’s wine and orchard industries by feeding on soft fruits, flowers and various developing crops." Then it has to be eradicated.

And just so we all support what they are doing they throw in this clause " The species could also compete with native birds for food and nesting sites, and spread weeds such as bridal creeper, boneseed, blackberry, and privet"

Makes me laugh.

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reminds me of the House Crow in Fremantle that was removed recently on grounds of being an agricultural threat, as opposed to any potential threat posed to native wildlife.  

a small population of bulbuls survived in Melbourne for nearly 100 years at liberty, they finally became extinct naturally by the early 2000s, though there seems to be some recent sightings around Geelong which are possibly escapees.  

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Yes, we should be pleased that there are people eradicate or "manage" Red-whispered Bulbuls. Back in the day people would have been almost encouraged to import them in order to provide something of colour & interest in their backyards. However, it's still disturbing that eradication is primarily for agricultural purposes rather than for the long term protection of natural ecosystems.

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