Reintroduction! From Castlereagh, NSW.

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Reintroduction! From Castlereagh, NSW.

It has been a couple of years since I was active on this site. The recent Aussie Backyard Bird Count enticed me out into the yard and to really start noticing the birds in our yard again! Life has thrown me a few curved balls and I have been busy dealing with them and now I am determined to get back on track to the things that I love doing, like noticing the birds in my yard!

So hello to all my old friends and to all the new ones too!


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As Richie Benaud used to say: " Welcome back, Wollemi."


Hi Wollemi ... welcome and good luck with your bird watching. You have a great location for birds there.  A couple of places out in your general direction that I have on my list of bird watching places to visit are - Pitt Town Lagoon, Scheyville Park.

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Thanks Woko and Whistling Duck!

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Hi Wollemi

We chatted before I am pretty sure. I was under the user name Windhover before. 

Welcome back. 

I don't participate much nowadays though.

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