Reporting banded birds

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Alex Rogers
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Reporting banded birds

Did you know that you can report sightings of banded birds that you see or photograph? If you report them to the Department of Environment on, and they can identify the band, you will get a little report on the bird, and the location and other data will be fed back to the team who banded it, with that data being used for the research involved. Pretty cool way to contribute to citizen science. 

I photographed this Pied Oystercatcher down the south coast at Durras, and discovered it was banded at Corner Inlet, VIC, 500kms away, and 10.5 years ago, by the Victorian Wader Study Group, who now have a few more data points for their research. Nice :-)  

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Good one, Alex. The more folk who can become involved in this sort of activity the better chance we have of saving Australia's birds.

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Some years ago, I followed up on a shorebird seen in Darwin with a datalogger attached and found it was done in Tasmania but I cannot recall the species ATM.

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