Rescued baby hummingbird

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Rescued baby hummingbird

Not an Australian bird, but I saw this on my facebook feed, and it was just so adorable I thought I'd share. A guy rescues a baby hummingbird and raises it.


They are amazing little creatures. This guy was real lucky. I hope it all worked out in the end and the little guy can live a semi-normal life.

Annie W
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Absolutely fascinating tiny little birds.  Thanks for sharing this windshear!

West Coast Tasmania

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What a heartwarming story.

Yesterday I witnessed my own 'humming bird', an Eastern Spinebill, hovering over the birdbath taking a drink. I've also seen them doing the hovering thing when getting nectar from flowers.



Hunter Valley NSW

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Hi, I was wandering if any of you can give me advice.

4 weeks ago I rescued a baby lorikeet from crows claws, at that time he looked like a rat :) just few grey feathers, now he is all beautiful and his beak is just getting more orang color. He is not in the cage as i really cant stand a birds in the cage , I made him little corner with a branch and lots of toys  near the window. i can feel how he really wants to go out to his own. My question is, what would be the best way to let him go with his own flock? I will be bit heart broken, because i think I got attached to him a bit :( , but if there is chance... 

I'm worried, because people around me are telling me he has no chance to survive in wild.

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Hi, I suggest you make contact with an organisation from the link below, to give you the best advice in your area. Depending on age, the bird may do ok, if released with a flock of it's own species, preferably it's own flock, but there are no firm guarantees. The bird may also benefit from a vet check prior to any release attempt.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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