Resources to ID baby birds

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Resources to ID baby birds

Hi all,  where can I look for photos of baby birds to ID them? My mates and I in rehab sometimes send a bit of time networking before we can ID a chick but perhaps there's a great resource out there that you might know about.

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I can't say that I know of any (I could be wrong) - and it can be very tricky to ID babies unfortunately. But you can always post them on here or email me at and we can try to ID for you -its more networking though.

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Thanks Holly, perhaps google images will one day be able to help us here. Most wildlife rehabilitators take photos of their charges so another option would be to gather a whole lot of images together on a websit like BIBY

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Nestlings are hard to identify. It makes it a little easier sometimes if you have a photo of the nest.

Fledglings are even easier to identify but can still be difficult. If it's a fledgling you need to identify Michael Morcombe's Field Guide to Australian Birds can be helpful.

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Thanks I have the Morcombe and Stewart eguide on my phone, I will check out the Field Guide. Unfortunately we rarely get a nest. The last tricky ones have been provisionally diagnosed as a Western Yellow Robin chick, and a trio of Black WInged Stilts but we will see how they turn out as they grow.

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