Rufous Fantail

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Rufous Fantail

It has been a challenge over the last few years to see these birds in the forest and at last I was able to photograph one this morning.  It is not a great photo the environment that the bird resides in is a problem but I am pleased to at last get a photo.

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I know just what you mean as they stay in that shady thicket making photography a challenge. Well done.


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congrats, what type of vegetation was it in?


 Well done getting a photo of a rufuos fantail - that looks like casuarinas, definitely not the photographers friend.

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Yep, good stuff. They are a difficult bird to snap because they are on the move a lot in dark places with lots of foliage around. Nice shot and in better focus than my one and only!

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Well done, another bird that i have never seen before

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Thanks for all the lovely comments the forest is a lot of stringy barks with an understory of tea tree, ferns, young black wattles and what I call "egg and bacon" but is a yellow and brown pea flower.  Also dogwood which is flowering at the moment and some people are allergic to it.


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Beautiful bird. I have a few nice shots of these but always trying to get a better one. This was Reflex's nemesis bird for quite some time.

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I have a few shots but noise is an issue with pictures taken in such dark areas of birds which do not stay still!


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They are a difficult bird to photograph in the dense habitat combined with the speeds at which they move, so great job!

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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