SIX Maps (NSW Topo Maps)

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SIX Maps (NSW Topo Maps)

Hi, after some foraging on the Internet looking for free, online copies of the NSW topo maps ($10 a pop was more that I wanted to pay), I found SIX Maps:

SIX stands for Spatial Information Exchange, and they are evidently produced by the NSW Government. If you go to tab 'Basemaps' in the top right hand corner, click it, and then click 'Looking for 1943 Imagery' and then choose 'Topo Maps (Current)', it seems to provide maps for all of NSW and the ACT. 

The look pretty good, but when I checked some against my current NSW paper Topo Maps, they were not exactly identical. Similar, but not identical. 
So, the SIX Maps look pretty good, but I'm unsure just how recent they are. They would have to be more recent than the standard issue Topo Maps (I think SIX came online sometime in the last 2 years). Does anyone know anything more about them or how reliable they are? It all seems too convenient when you can happily print off SIX, and yet NPWS still sells the paper ones.

Regardless, they ought to be useful for people who live in NSW or the ACT; a good Topo Map can certainly be very useful when bird watching...

Hope you find them useful!

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