Sacred Kingfisher Strange Occurrence

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Sacred Kingfisher Strange Occurrence

Hi, I'd just like to record a most curious event I experienced on 11/02/2020 in the hope that anyone could share any similar experiences they've had, or simply put forth a few theories in an attempt to explain this strange occurence.

So, I live right near Hyde Park in North Perth where there is a wide range of bird species, especially at this time of year, ranging from Pied Cormorants & Yellow-billed Spoonbills to Little Corellas, Lorikeets and even some Carnaby's in the past few weeks. Although there are many kookaburras both in the park and in the surrounding areas, I've never once seen a Sacred Kingfisher - in fact I do not recall ever seeing one in my 20 years of living in Perth. This was until Tuesday morning when I was sitting at my desk facing the park when a beautiful, male (I think) flew straight into my window (I ran outside and he'd already flown off, he seemed unharmed). What was most curious about this is that I have recently rescued a Rainbow Lorikeet who was at the time sitting on a wooden perch above my desk facing out the window. It was as if the Kingfisher was trying to interact with the Lorikeet, but I have absolutely no idea why. They feed on completely different diets so the Kingfisher can't have thought my Lori was a sign of food nearby, and I know the Kingfishers are notoriously territorial but he can't have seen my Lori as a threat when he was inside my house can he? I've searched the web for Sacred Kingfisher & Rainbow Lorikeet interactions to absolutely no avail (although there is a lot on Kookaburras & Lorikeets), so I was just wondering if anyone could help explain this strange phenomenon. 

I look forward to hearing from someone and I do apologise for the lengthy post.

Thanks a lot, 


Alex Rogers
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Hi Dom. Most bird strikes on windows is because they simply don't see them - often because there are reflections of the sky on the window. Particularly if it was brighter outside than in, perhaps your kingfisher didn't see anything inside, and simply flew into a reflection of the sky

Annie W
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Very interesting Dom.  Another possibility, adding to what Alex has already said, could be that the  Kingfisher saw his own reflection in your window and thought it was a rival?  Just my 2c :-)

West Coast Tasmania

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I'm inclined to agree with Alex. It's probably a coincidence that you had a Rainbow Lorikeet sitting inside at the time the Kingfisher flew into the window.

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Hi Dom, thanks for sharing your experience. Glad the Kingfisher appeared to escape unharmed.

A great reason not to spend time and effort washing windows, especially if they look though to another window (might look light a clear path to a bird). I wish my wife had my view, seems it's my job at our house!

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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