Satin Bowerbird, male maturity...

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Satin Bowerbird, male maturity...

I have quite a number of Satin Bowerbirds here, my regulars number around eight to 12 most days.  The females are busy feeding young presently and I put out a diced apple for them now and again which they clean up, plus other fruit waste.

I read in an Australian bird guide that it takes 10 years for a male to change from immature green to the lovely satin black, is that true?  Seems a long time, quite an age in "bird years".

There are two mature males that visit and another one that is 50% greyish and 50% black, has this bird taken nearly 10 years to reach this stage?

Also there is a few what at first sight appear to be females, but have blue eyes which indicate they are immature males.

10 years seems a very long tiome for the male to gain his full adult plummage, can any one confirm this?

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7 years for full male plumage is what I have heard. The BIBY factsheet says they begin aquiring blue feathers at 5 years

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