(Shiny) Spangled Drongos

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(Shiny) Spangled Drongos

I've always  felt a bit sorry for the Spangled Drongo - stuck with a name like that. I was out at North Lakes this afternoon, and I got to watch three of these hunting insects. Certainly gave me an an even greater appreciation of just how beautiful these birds really are. smiley

Annie W
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Magnificent shots windshear, truly shows off the beautiful sheen and amazing fishtail of these birds.  One I've never seen in the feather, but hope to one day.  You are so right, quite often the less colourful birds or oddly/plainly named ones can be forgotten or overlooked, I am guilty of that anyway, so nice to take the time to reacquaint with them.  the guy on the right in the last shot looks as though he's had a big gust of wind come and part his feathers & hackles, love it.

West Coast Tasmania

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Great shots Windshear! I see you live in the great South East. I've never seen one of these before so I'll be looking out for these now.

The birds in the second, third and fourth photo look to be more, for want of a better word, "feminine" wink than the one in the first photograph?

Samford Valley Qld.

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The top one is the one on the right in the last photo, and was getting a bit of a telling off from the other one. :)


Fantastic images windshear!

I have never seen that fish tail shape so distinctly as in your first photo. Great to see them and photograph them in bright light - really shows off those greeny blue sheens. (Only one i have seen closeup was on a drizzly cloudy day, so in the photos it just looks a very plain black!)

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Yeah, it was certainly new for me as well WD. Occasionally I've seen their chest spots kind of shine in the sun, but I hadn't seen that iridescence before. They're also usually quite flighty, I find, but these ones were hunting back and forth going between 2 or 3 trees in the one area for a good half hour. They're quite aerobatic as well. smiley Was lovely to watch. 

Rick N
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Really lovely birds with that satin sheen. Nice shots, thanks.

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