Sick Blind Currawong

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Silver Frog
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Sick Blind Currawong


We have found a young (? age but quite a large size) currawong that we think may have been pushed out of the nest.  S/he is obviously blind and at first wouldn't even drink water.She looked very sick and we didn't expect her to live. We moved her to a safe place outside under a bush and surprisingly she started drinking and seems a little healthier. She does walk around and very occasionally flaps her wings and flies a metre or two but no more. However she doesn't seem to be eating. We have tried tempting her with cooked chicken and wild bird seed but no luck.  She doesn't even open her beak or indicate that she can smell food.

I'm wondering if she even realises she can eat. Is there something we could put in her water to sustain her until she learns? No parents seem to have visited to feed or check on her but at least our other bird visitors aren't attacking her.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.

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Hi Silver Frog, not sure where your from, but in many parts a permit is required for native species.Given the current climate,with all the fires, I suggest you try one of the Wildlife Rescue services listed in the link below. Unfortunatley they're probably swamped, but may be able to offer some advice.

It may be a part of "natural selection" that your bird has been abandoned. I do a bit of Wildife Rescue here in Tasmania, and such a species would, if it can't be rehabillitated and released end up being euthenised or become a permanent resident in a wildlife sanctuary for such critters.

Thanks for caring, and if possible, keep us posted. Here is the link;

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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