Single 'Hoot' from owl?

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Single 'Hoot' from owl?

Hello, I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, near the base of Mt Dandenong. I signed up here simply because I saw and heard an owl (or owl-like bird) that made a single, soft 'hoot' sound - exactly like the 'typical owl sound' you are taught when young. It was high up in a tree and spotted at 10PM, after I heard the sound. It hooted several times over about 10 minutes, but always a single hoot and never a double hoot. As I got close, it kept flying away to other trees, so I never got a clear view of what species it was. If I was to guess, I would say it was medium-sized or even small for an owl and it had a reddish eyeshine. It appeared whitish underneath and I didn't notice any clear barring or other pattern. I was out with my sister and she wanted to get home, so I didn't stay much longer to see if I would get a better view. I figured I could identify it by sound at home, but watched videos on the calls of every owl species in Victoria, and it fits none of them. I would say it sounded most like a powerful owl, but its call was only a single syllable (similar to the first 'hoot' a powerful owl makes but softer and slightly higher pitched). I also thought it was far too small. I know barn owls and boobooks are also in the area, but neither bird has a similar call. I'm wondering if any owls do occasionally make single 'hoots' or if there are any other nocturnal birds that sound like owls. Any help would be appreciated!

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Perhaps a Bronzewig, Little Common Owl, or even a pigeon hoot, although they are not night time birds. Look up the sounds of those birds on Youtube & compare them, however I am not a bird expert so I may be wrong!

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