Small bird ID - for Naomi

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Small bird ID - for Naomi


Hi guys

Just transferring this from the photo section for Naomi:



I am doing an assignment for school which requires me to identify the birds in a particular area. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what the following bird is.

Description - Female - Brownish back, pale yellow on chest, white and black eyes

Males - All yellow (bright yellow), same eyes as females.

They are very small at about 9cm long (i believe they were fully grown)

Do you know what type of bird that is?




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Hi Naomi, I'm curious as to how you know one is a male & the other a female if you don't know which species it is.

Can you tell me where you saw these birds? Their location can be a clue to their identity & can also exclude other indentities.

Also, what was their behaviour & where in the environment were they? E.g., were they foraging on the ground, were they pecking at leaves in the middle or upper storey? Were they feeding on Eucalyptus blossoms? These aspects of birds also help with identification.

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