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Thanks :-)

I'm still seeing snakes out today around Sydney infact alot but mostly red-bellies and they scatter off its hard to get a shot and most the time there head is already in the grass or inside rocks before i can get a shot. The warmer weather this autumn has kept them active.

I didn't see what they were doing before as they were not out a few minutes before but if they were mating they where not doing it in the sun.

Strange how they came out a few minutes after i walked on those rocks, hehe you think footsteps would make them stay put for a while.

dwatsonbb wrote:

Nice photos vas. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps to see 3 so close, they were contemplating mating. Not familiar with Eastern Browns at all, so not sure if the time is right or whether they were making the most of some sun.

All our Tasie snakes will be in torpor by now. I did get to relocate one the other day, it was a very cold small tiger nake uncovered with winter gardening. Unfortunately it was relocated to my place, will spend its winter Torpor in my aquarium, and be released in the warmer months later on. If I released it now, it would most likely die, I couldn't find appropriate shelter near where it was found.

if I remember will, post some pre release photos. Didn't take any the other day, just wanted to get it settled safely.

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Thanks :-)

It was not moving over for me so i could get pretty close. The full size images show alot more detail too

soakes wrote:

Wow, great detail on that snake when you zoom in on it.

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Great picture, you can definitely click some more whildlife photographs.


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