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Just some snippets from what's been going on here in the Wide Bay and abroad...

I just recently went to the NT, visiting Uluru/Kata Tjuta and MacDonnald ranges. You can check out the details on the Google.Doc:

In the midst of the Short-tailed Shearwater migration, some individuals are still going strong and others are unfortunately exhausted and are washing up everywhere. Also, Common Sandpiper (not all that common) and Oriental Plovers turned up at Burnett Heads... and at the Port a Pectoral Sandpiper visited a few months ago, as well as 3 Broad-billed Sandpipers just recently. I saw a Black-breasted Buzzard north of Yaraman.

On a recent camp at Inskip Point, Rainbow Beach and Cooloola NP, an excess of 120 species were seen. Along with many more, some of the highlights include: Black-breasted Button Quail, Ground Parrot, Common Tern, Pale Yellow Robin, Sanderling, Marbled Frogmouth and White-eared Monarch.

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Yes the shearwaters have been washing up on "my" beach north of Maroochydore. About one every 100 metres. Haven't seen any in the last few days.

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