Birdy get-togethers

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Birdy get-togethers

Hi all,

I thought it might be nice to have a thread in which people can organise birdy get-togethers. If anyone is planning to spend a day birdwatching and would like company, they could put a post in this thread, with the post title including the approximate date and location, eg "Boondall Wetlands, early January". I figure that the more eyes searching, the more birds seen... perhaps.

I think it would be nice to meet other birdy people in person, not just on the forum. Not sure what others think of this?

People could chat and exchange info about themselves in the social forum in order to get to know eachother a bit more before getting together.


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Great idea Andy.
I've done this before from other birding forums, and they always turn out to be fun times. It's a great way to meet new people who share the same passion about birds, and the information and experience you get from meeting other people is priceless.
I would suggest following simple guidelines when meeting new people from online for the first time, like;
- Meeting in public places.
- Meet in Groups.
- Create a thread here to document the meet, and to ascertain who will be attending.

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