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Cat V Bird

Hi everyone,

I thought this might be a funny place to share this story.

We live in an area where there is a lot of bush, and a lot of birds. I have a cat and so does our neighbour. One day the noisy minors were making a big racket, so we went out to see what was going on. as soon as we opened the door my cat came bolting in. we thought is was quite strange. the next time we heard them we went straight out and found the noisy minors dive-bombing our cat!!! now every time we hear them we say "now which cat is out there? Mocha or Trixie!)

My mum, dad and i thought that, that was a classic way of nature getting back at each other. but my cat is pretty safe and couldn't catch a bird for a whole bowl of food!!! well then again who would want to go and catch it if there was a whole bowl of food sitting inside!!!

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Hi Tweety, research in the USA found that a well fed domestic cat kills between six and eight birds every year.

People who can't keep their cats indoors or in a mesh garden run are using things like the cat bib protect the local birds.

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Yeah, that is sad I wish some people could STOP their cats from killing the local wild life. The cat-bib is a good idea, my cat doesn't need one, she can't even run fast enough to catch a bird!!!!! (that is a VERY good thing!)

Tweety, Queensland! :)

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