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Getting to know everyone here

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking it would be good to know a bit about each other here and since I am relatively new here so I thought I'd kind of set the pace

First or preferred name: Cheryl
Age group: 40s
Location: Castlereagh NSW
Favourite bird: Peregrine Falcon
Other interest/s: Writing, Gardening, Disability Awareness frogs, reptiles, and understanding ecological systems.
I would describe myself as: Fair but firm & nice but naughty.

You could copy and paste the following to make it easier.

First or preferred name:
Age group:
Favourite bird:
Other interest:
I would describe myself as:

Kind regards



Age group: Teens
Location: Quakers Hill, NSW
Favourite bird: Rainbow Bee Eater
Other interest: Tough one, not really sure lol
I would describe myself as: A bird lover :)


Ok then,
First or preferred name: Bill
Age group: 40s
Location: Mackay Nth Qld
Favourite bird: Peregrine Falcon
Other interest/s: Brazilian Ju-jitsu,Bushwalking,Photography,
and the Australian bush in general....I hate the cities.
I would describe myself as: Easy going.

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First or preferred name: Andreas
Age group: 50's
Location: Kapooka NSW.
Favourite bird: Blue wren.
Other interest: Australian bush, my dog, photography.
I would describe myself as: Normal aussie.

Kind regards

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First name: Owen
Age group: teens
Location: Melbourne, Vic
Favourite Bird: Sacred Kingfisher
Other interest: Bike riding and bushwalking.
I would describe myself as:totally bird crazy and fairly friendly

Cheers, Owen.

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Age group: teens
Location: Sydney, NSW
Favourite bird: I can't decide - crimson rosella, fairy penguin... maybe magpie lark too
Other interest: astronomy, art, listening to music from classic rock to heavy metal, subcultures, Nordic countries, Pokemon
I would describe myself as: a very strange person


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Age group: Teens
Location: Brisbane, QLD, (much rather be somewhere else !INGHAM!!)
Favourite bird: Regent Bowerbird, Apostlebird and Australian Painted Snipe
Other interest: Fishing, camping, bush walking, music and science
I would describe myself as: Somewhat different to others my age

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Age Group: early 30's
Location Stanthorpe QLD
Fav Bird: Ninox connivens (Barking Owl)
Other Interests: Wildlife photography, bushwalking, animals/ nature

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First or preferred name: Daz
Age group:40s
Location: Blue mountains nsw
Favourite bird:Yellow tailed black cockatoo/Nankeen kestrel.
Other interest: Bush walking, bush survival, scouts, photography, birds
I would describe myself as: open & friendly & keen for knowledge...

if your happy when your birding, flap your wings.

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First or preferred name: James
Age group: Teens
Location: Western Sydney
Favourite bird: Channel Billed Cuckoo
Other interest: Bush walking, biking, nature, animals.
I would describe myself as: Weird, different, curious.

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First or preferred name:Beattie
Age group:50's
Location:South Western Sydney
Favourite bird:Blue wren
Other interest:my dog, the environment, social justice, animals, bush walking
I would describe myself as:shy, but pasionate about things i care about

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Hi Beattie, welcome!! We have something in common, I have lots(!!) of Fairy Wrens in my backyard, I like my dogs,I'm passionate about social justice,(to the point, where my lid blows off from time to time), but I'm not shy about standing up, or sticking my neck out, when needed! LOL
So, I hope you like it on the forum! Hope to see more from you, M-L


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Hi Araminta,
Thanks for your welcome
This looks like a great site

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First or preferred name: Mark
Age group: 50's
Location: Central Queensland Gemfields
Favourite bird: Hard to say. Most probably the Rainbow Lorikeet (terrorists the lot of them)
Occupation: Farming and gemstone mining in semi-retirement. Ex professional fisherman.
Other interest: Photography, scuba diving, gem fossicking.
I would describe myself as: Getting older and crankier.

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Hi CQGems, join the club! M-L


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One thing I have noticed a number of teenagers on this forum.
This is great to see that the future of nature is in good hands, with people such as these taking an interest in natures gifts.

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Haven't checked in here yet :)

First or preferred name: Laurius
Age group: late 20's
Location: Adelaide, SA
Favourite bird: silver gull, it's just so funny to observe them :)
Occupation: software programmer
Other interest: photo hunting, bush walking, road tripping, collecting banknotes and coins with animals on them
I would describe myself as: easy going


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Hi Laurius, I love collecting banknotes,(the ones I can buy stuff with!) As for your favourite bird, here is one for you!

they look funny?? M-L


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Oh yes. I like this expression :)


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First or preferred name:Nathan
Age group:teens(another one!)
Favourite bird:Twenty-eight(Australian Ringneck) / NH honeyeater
Other interest:Guppy breeding and fishing :p
I would describe myself as:budding bird watcher with only a few years experience

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Ah to be in my teens, Nathan, with a life time of bird watching ahead of me!

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Hi All

First or preferred name: Murray
Age: 44
Location: Roseville NSW
Favourite bird: Brolga
Other interest: Musical Theatre, wildlife, golf, good food good wine, good company!
I would describe myself as: friendly and like any ordinary person you meet on the street.

Kind regards


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can I add, I only discovered this site last week and it is fantastic to meet a community of like minded people who i can share with!!!


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Great to hear from you, Muz. I've been involved since April & it's a real buzz. Heaps to learn (life's great meaning for me.)
I'm interested to hear of your passion for brolgas. One of my great birding stories is from Bool Lagoon in s.e. South Australia where another guy & I, hidden by a small rise & some grass, crept to within about 5 metres of 100+ brolgas. Maaaaaaaaagnificent not to mention breath-taking.

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Hi Woko

About 20 years ago I was Camping in South West QLD, near Eulo. We went out birding one morning, turned a corner and there were 4 Brolgas! I didn't know what they were but luckily for me the people I was with did and they made sure I appreciated the experience.

Magnificent majestic bird!



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Those sorts of experiences make it all worthwhile, I reckon.

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Hi Muz.
Small world. Was born and raised in Forestville.
If you are ever out around the CQ Gemfields, give me a hoy. Quite a few Brolga's out here that are tending to stay all year whilst our seasons are a bit moist. Most probably go to a seasonal thing when things dry out.

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First or preferred name: Robbie
Age group: 40s
Location: Perth Hills (moving soon to Blue Mountains NSW)
Favourite birds: Pardalote, lorikeets (all kinds), butcher birds, kookaburras
Other interests: My many pets, nature & environment, psychology, art, gardening, stimulating conversation.
I would describe myself as: Calm, funny and easy-going person who gets a huge buzz out of the simple things in life. And a certifiable Animal Nut ;-)

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I completely missed this first time around, but it sounds like a good idea.

First or preferred name: Tim
Age group: 30s (just)
Location: Brisbane Qld
Favourite birds: Pied butcherbird, kookaburras, anything new or unusual for me.
Other interest/s: Gardening, growing native plants, mountain-biking, computers, books.
I would describe myself as: Quiet, easygoing, nature-lover.


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Didn't see this last year ... many of you may know me anyway but I guess there are heaps of new people now so I'll give it a go

First or preferred name: Adrienne
Age group:50s
Location: Sunshine Coast
Favourite bird: Green Catbird, Osprey
Other interests: reading, walking the dog, helping others,photography....particularly nature photography
I would describe myself as: kind and caring, a total bird nut, pretty down to earth usually
I've only been into birdwatching wince I joined this forum so that makes 4 years now ... wow time flies by :')

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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