Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

To all the Forum members and blow ins I would like to say have a Happy and Healthy New Year and may it bring the best of everything to you! Was going to find an appropriate bird but I thought it might be getting a little old by now!

Enjoy :')

Best wishes

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Thanks Birdie,same good wishes to you and all!!(just like the birds, I'm getting a little old by now! Many, many years ago my daughter (5 years old or so), asked me, where do birds go to die? Well..? At the same time she thought, the birds you find flat on the road, had fallen of the powerlines, because they fell asleep! No idea how that thought popped into my head right now, but had to share it!May be not a good New Year thought, anyway have a nice 2011!!


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Happy New Year everyone!! Am going down to Canberra soon, so I hope to pick up some good water birds at Fyshwick Sewerage Farm...heh heh! and maybe a gang-gang or two in the botanic gardens...wish me luck!

don't forget to have a hoot!

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