Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

...and lots of love, luck, health and interesting birds to all of you.May 2012 be good and happy year. Marie-Louise

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Happy New Year to you Marie-Louise.

Those very colourful birds certainly look like they are enjoying themselves (too bad the seagull is missing out on the festivities LOL) - it looks as if at least one of them has a lot to say.

"the earth is not only for humans, but for all animals and living things."

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The pelican on the right appears to be having too much fun.
Hilarious picture M-L, happy new year to you too!


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Thank you M-L.... and the same to you.... I see you have been playing with your crayons again LOL Well done...see ... you can teach an old dog new tricks :')

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all get loads of birding opportunities in 2012.
Great picture, Marie-Louise.

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