How much can the bush take?

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How much can the bush take?

The impact on the bush behind us has been enormous in the last 2 years,the Bunyip State Park fires just one. On weekends we get the 4x4 clubs bushbashing,hundreds of motorbikes,and careless people.But this week puts everything to shame,4500 scouts descending upon the park. I probably step on toes now, but I don't care!The land is leased by the scouts from the DSE,and the council said, they can do what they like!Over the last weeks they have slashed the undergroth,cut large trees down to make room for the tents. They have opened an information centre to educate the little couts about the wildlife, and birds in the Park... But I wonder, what impact 4500 children camping will have on the birds,(and other wildife),during the breading season? We had to get away for the weekend,otherwise we would go nuts! We have to put up with it for a week,HEEELP!!

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Hi Araminta, and welcome. I feel for you I really do. Had a little chuckle over your typo/freudian slip " the little couts" :)

I get twitchy just walking past 4 boys this morning playing outside their home which looks across to our natural bushland. They ride their bikes through and have made a BMX track and I feel mean but I want to go in and tell them to bugger off and leave the place alone! This morning I was very happy to see the local grey Butcher bird swooping them up and down the road on their bikes and scooters ... felt like cheering him on! I walked past calmly as I do every day and he just sits and watches me go by as does every magpie and BB I see.
I hope the leave something for you to enjoy when they finally pack up.


Sunshine Coast Queensland

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That's terrible, Araminta, I really feel for you. People are definitely the worst ferals, I would rather have rabbits any day. perhaps you could get some sort of residents group together or the problem will get worse. We had a battle against 4wders in my area, they like nothing better than tearing the place up and making noise.

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