's not getting us anywhere!

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owlbaby's picture's not getting us anywhere!

I know this has absolutely NOTHING to do with birds, but I just wanted to have a quick rant about federal (and local AND state) politicians...

What I HATE is how politicians just want to keep their jobs and status. I call it job-conserving. Politicians are like squealing girl teens at the pool. They dip one toe in the deep end, scream at the temperature of the water, and then stay in the safe, warm shallow end. (As a rebel girl teen, i can proudly say that i love cold pools, creeks and dams) Anyway, they won't suggest anything that could put their job in danger, or tarnish their reputation. They won't put forward any worthwhile, or realistic, or generally HELPFUL and USEFUL ideas that could help Australia become a much better place, economically and agriculturally AND habitatually (?).

Anyway...i just get so annnoyed when politicians make safe decisions instead of doing their job and LOOKING AFTER Australia...

From your annoyed friend,

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