A Message from Edward for BIBY Forum Members

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A Message from Edward for BIBY Forum Members

Hi all,

Edward has decided to take a break from the forums (hopefully temporary) and asked that I post this message.

Farewell. Thanks for the lively discussion and help with ids through this forum. However our personal opinion is that the forum is not always as friendly as it was when we first joined. We love a good debate but not a slanging match.

Therefore we are leaving the forum, although Holly has asked that our account not be deleted so that past posts remain and do not disrupt continuity of old threads.

We will keep looking at the site as most of the discussion is great and we love the photos. Hopefully we will feel like joining back in to the conversation in a few months.

Edward (David & Maria)

I do ask that you not post any replies in this thread (though I am unable to lock it).

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