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More about me

So I have told everybody what kind of job I have but then I thought I might get a bit deeper about myself.
I am 41.
I have always lived in my town, never want to move.
I live in Nowra, on the beautiful south coast of NSW.
I have been married for 18 years (to the same man).
We have 2 girls aged 15& 12. The oldest is going into Yr11 next year & the youngest is going into Yr7. Can't believe my girls have grown up so fast, where has the time gone? ? ?
I have been decribed by many as a gentle person b/c even when I am mowing the lawn (I do this for a living) I will make sure I don't run over anything! Hurry up little lizard/snail/moth ;-)
We live in a "normal" housing area, not home owners.
I constantly want to be out in my garden, some would say I am emtreme about gardening. People tell me I get this look in my eyes when I'm talking about plants,(maybe even OCD!)
Until next time,
Cheers fromn Green :-)

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Thanks Green. I like your mowing method ("hurry up little moth").

I am a 26-year-old lady, and I live in Paddington, which is an inner-city suburb in Brisbane, Qld. My boyfriend and I rent a small unit. Paddington is a nice area with lots of trees. There is a state forest nearby; haven't been there yet but I've read that lots of birds can be found there, so I'll have to visit soon.

Down the road there is a lovely little park with a creek running through it. It's beautiful. I see dusky moorhens, pacific black ducks with their ducklings, little correlas, and a common koel there. I've also heard a pheasant coucal but am yet to spot it there.

I've been told that I hyperventilate when birds are mentioned :-)


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I can relate to that Andy. Though I don't hyperventilate, I generally either just walk off for a closer look, or go 'Did you see that?' in an excited tone. Much to my wife's continual amusement, and sometimes annoyance. :^)

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